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Just imagine if the David and Goliath story were an ol’ skool rap video, and not only that, but the whole good-versus-evil showdown were portrayed as a sports event, complete with reporters, cheerleaders, swingin’ back-up singers, fans in the stands, and even a member of the crowd holding up a banner with “John 3:16”. How cool would that be? It’s called “Sling, Bang, Boom (David)”, and is one of the songs from Carman’s 1994 crossover album, Yo Kidz! And did I mention that the video opens with a giant chipmunk?

But what on the surface seems to be an exhortation to kids to be brave and faithful to God has a none-too-subtle subtext. Foreigners are pictured as monsters that aren’t quite human. These foreigners need to be killed, as the young boy (“David”) does in the video by sinking a stone deep into his forehead. (Good shot Davey-boy!) These foreigners need to be taught respect (and the previously “blaspheming” Goliath, who doesn’t follow “our god”, later falls – not backwards – but on his face before “David”, in humility). What’s more, killing these foreigners has become a game played out in a video – as indeed has every U.S. war since Iraq I, when U.S. troops first had difficulty distinguishing war from video-games. Today, when the war-as-game metaphor in fact has its literal counterpart, the metaphor itself has become unbearable.

There are probably greater crimes against the minds of children, but I can’t think of one right at the moment. The tragedy is that most of those who would see nothing wrong with the morality which is taught to children by the David vs. Goliath video would immediately object to a scantily-clad woman in a pop video.

So have a vote: which is the worse influence on children: the David vs. Goliath video or this video of pop heart-throb, Angina, on МУЗ-ТВ, the Russian alternative to MTV?