Matt Raymer
Matt Raymer

A couple of guys blogging at [Ad Hoc] Christianty – Matthew Raymer and Steve Douglas [and, of course, the unforgettable and very talented Travis Jacobs] – are doing regular podcasts about biblical studies blogs. A few of these podcasts have featured the world’s leading blog on Biblical Giants, Remnant of Giants. The podcasts are about an hour long each, and entertainingly discuss all sorts of things blogged about in biblical studies. Download them to have a listen:

Episode #12: Blogosphere roundup, March 23, 2011

…including Remnant of Giants’  The State of Satan Studies

Episode #8: Blogosphere roundup, Feb 23, 2011


Steve Douglas
Steve Douglas

…including Remnant of Giants’  Theology as Dissonance Reduction: Hinckley G. Mitchell’s conclusions from 1910

Episode #4: Blogosphere roundup, Jan 27, 2011

…including Remnant of Giants’  Steve Quayle on the Coming Chaos of the End Times, Urban Survivalism, and Giants


... and Travis