The Fallen Angel slash Pulp Romance Genre: The Sex is Outta This World

Yes, the tag-line says, "She's tarnished his halo..."
Yes, the tag-line says, "She's tarnished his halo..."

My Fair Succubi, (Pocket Star Books, 2011) is the third in a trilogy by Jill Myles which has perfected that rare hybrid: Mills-and-Boon-styled pulp romance crossed with hot sex with fallen angels, succubi, and vampires.

“Nephilim?” Those were supposedly the children of angels and humans. Like a lot of other things, I’d chalked it up to being more myth than real. Maybe I was wrong. “What do angels want with children? And what does this have to do with me?”
“… all we need is for the Angel Gabriel to touch your womb as I expel my essence into it, and a miracle will happen.” His hand went over to my waist and nudged the waistband of my shorts. “While it won’t be the most pleasant experience, it is necessary to create the Enforcers.”

But, no matter how hot and passionate the transgressive love-making gets, Heaven evidently doesn’t approve of cross-breeding:

“One of the archangels found out about the Watchers mingling with humans when a Nephilim like your friend Ethan was born… Anyhow, the Powers That Be In Heaven were totally pissed off that the angels were down here making babies with mortal women. It was forbidden, and the Watchers had a choice. They could give up their human women and continue to be angels. If they did so, they’d be reassigned to a job in Heaven that had no interaction with humans. Or they could choose to fall and be with their girlfriends.”

Tossing Her SaladThis version of the fallen angel myth seems to be a lot more Wim Wenders-style  than those authentic-yet-not-quite-as-racy ancient Jewish classics. It’s been widely accepted that Gen. 6.1-4 is a truncated version of a larger myth about fallen angels. But could the real reason for its censorship be that Gen. 6.1-4 originally included hot interspecies sex-scenes like this one:

“God, you’re naked under this thing,” he groaned, his mouth sliding to my breast.
Liquid heat rolled through my body as his lips found my nipple, and my knees went weak as he scraped my breast with his fangs…

According to Jill Myle’s explanation of things, “a succubus is created by a vampire draining a mortal (the kiss of the dark side) and a fallen angel having sex with said mortal (the kiss of the light side).”


3 thoughts on “The Fallen Angel slash Pulp Romance Genre: The Sex is Outta This World

  1. Hey, hands off this stuff! This is my baby to write about…long in the pipeline it is too. Honestly, someone starts looking at giants and they think they can cover everything…


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