Francesca Stavrakopoulou – God’s Wife?

Francesca Stavrakopoulou - God's Wife?

Francesca Stavrakopoulou - God's Wife?

In the current BBC series, The Bible’s Buried Secrets, Francesca Stavrakopoulou has managed to do what others, such as William Dever (Did God Have a Wife?), have failed to do: make the general public aware that ancient ‘Israelites’ or Judeans once thought that Yahweh was married to a Mrs. Yahweh. That is, polytheism, the worship of many gods, was not a corruption of some earlier Israelite monotheism; rather, monotheism grew out of an earlier Israelite polytheism.

The media is abuzz with reports about God’s wife. My favourite headline is this one from the Discovery Channel:

Discovery News ... wonders if God was a bachelor.

Asherah’s connection to Yahweh, according to Stavrakopoulou, is spelled out in both the Bible and an 8th century B.C. inscription on pottery found in the Sinai desert at a site called Kuntillet Ajrud.

“The inscription is a petition for a blessing,” she shares. “Crucially, the inscription asks for a blessing from ‘Yahweh and his Asherah.’ Here was evidence that presented Yahweh and Asherah as a divine pair. And now a handful of similar inscriptions have since been found, all of which help to strengthen the case that the God of the Bible once had a wife.”

Also significant, Stavrakopoulou believes, “is the Bible’s admission that the goddess Asherah was worshiped in Yahweh’s Temple in Jerusalem. In the Book of Kings, we’re told that a statue of Asherah was housed in the temple and that female temple personnel wove ritual textiles for her.”

– Jennifer Viegas, ‘God’s Wife Edited Out of the Bible – Almost’, Discovery News, 18 March 2011

See all three episodes of The Bible’s Buried Secrets here.


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13 responses to “Francesca Stavrakopoulou – God’s Wife?

  1. steph

    I didn’t see it cuz we dunna have a tele. But facebook keeps me up with the rats, and the funny thing is, I thought everyone public knew god ‘had a wife’ except possibly the american public who are the only race who think Jesus is word of god…


    • To understand Genesis, you have to know the trick. It is that the original book has only phrases. So when the Adam is created, the men were already present on Earth. Much more, God and Yahweh God are two entities. Eventually the Yahweh God will become Yahweh in other books. Moses is then a pharaoh, the king of the kings, the ancestor of Jesus.


  2. steph

    akshullee Hugh Pyper is right. God had a husband and Ash was his name. But Hugh said God was, which means God is dead. But that can’t be right – he lives up in the sky doesn’t he? Or He?


  3. kenny

    francesca’s odd theory regarding eden being jerusalem is puzzling. the garden of eden was atlantis…


  4. There is a confusion. There is god and God. To understand Genesis you have to understand the origin of the Jews. There was two kingdoms in Egypt, the north and the south. In the south, once a Pharaoh ceased that he be called a god, it was to be the sun; so even if he lost his job he gathered a new manner of believers: the future Jews. So to get to their now territory, they to trespass the land of the Pharaoh of the south, where there were still water because of the delta of the Nile. To these people, once it had been read the book of Genesis, after it had been consigned as holy book. But the original book has only phrases. So when you read the story, when Adam is created, the men were already present on Earth. What had happened? To be short. Earth, Moon, Mars, Venus, and others once were comets. Losing heat to the cosmos, their orbits stabilized, and there with the water they gathered while comet, they had developed life. Their had been the first and the last, we are the last planet with a sustainable planet for life. So the older planet did care of their sister planet. They sent us a giant, Yahweh god, to implant Adam, the king to be. What was the garden of Eden? What is the desolation of the devastation? Those planets of our planetary system had received the visit of outsider-extraterrestrials. Once their war ended, the remaining bombs were deployed on Venus, where they had kept their huge bomb as the last to be exploded. Then they parked on Moon, before returning Home, their Home. Priests of Earth had panicked, they called their defenders Fallen Angels in the book of Enoch, and were to be eliminated. Maybe the Yahweh God is seen as the God of the Universe elsewhere in the Bible, but in Genesis, the Yahweh God and God are two identities, the Yahweh God is the Giant who sent his henchmen to destroy Sodom and Gomorrah. There is a lot of details which have disappeared in history. As the fact that Jesus and the Apostles were of red hair. With that extra short taper hair that the Merovingian people have along their spine, as the mother of Hughes Capet did have. Jesus was the king of the kings, while the apostles were the kings. Jesus had been put to death to replace a myth in exchange of freedom for his people: the descendants of Adam. The priests Jesus talked about is an organization that exist since the epoch of the Shamans. They have spawn the the three religions. The catholic, the Muslim, and the Jew. That organization had been able to retrieve one phrase of the book of Zechariah of all the known bibles. There is that phrase about someone to be look at as an unique son by those who had killed him, that phrase which is essential to the Catholic theology. That phrase had had a magic effect on the Catholic followers. If you read Zechariah, there is to see that they are two sons of God. but because of that phrase, but oups! , with the Scrolls of the Dead Sea we have a version of Zechariah in which another phrase is stipulating two sons of God. So a secret organization is able to manipulate us and they are engaged against the other gang in a secret war. The priests.


  5. todd

    what makes me laugh is how this lady professor Francessca is an atheist Bible scholar,!!!!!
    like being a professor of astronomy but not believing the planets and solar system all have affects on each other.
    this Lady is a Legend in her own Lunchbox !!!!


    • Your professor of astronomy analogy is rather poor.

      I’ve got a better one: being an atheist biblical scholar is like being a professor of astronomy who doesn’t believe that the sun revolves around the earth.


  6. Anon

    She looks like a porn star


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