How to Seduce a Christian Woman

Want guaranteed tips on how to seduce a Christian woman? You’ve come to the right place. And it’s all free! Read on, and soon you will be running your fingers through her NIV, comparing parts of her body to a species of antelope, and reciting meaningless nothings to her in badly constructed verse (all copyright of Hillsong).

According to my site stats, within the last 24 hours somebody went searching for some valuable tips on getting a Christian woman into bed. To wit:

how to seduce a christian women [sic]

They were not disappointed, receiving sage and pragmatic biblical advice about how angels seduce women, from Genesis 6.1-4:

But assuming the search was on Google, what truly astounds me is that, in order to click on that link to Remnant of Giants, they they had to go past this very helpful site:

Christian nymphos
Christian nymphos

Holy fuck!


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7 responses to “How to Seduce a Christian Woman

  1. Jim

    yeah you get some real weirdos.


  2. Dr. Jim

    Communion wine, the world’s BEST loincloth remover!


  3. I admit guilt, as I also had to look. But being a Christian site I was ready to see something like respect, and marrage. Well at least I did hope so. Now I can go back to the giants page, knowing this is a respectable site.


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