An article in, ‘The Enigma of the Giants’ (28 February 2011), defends the existence of Giants. The online newspaper is based in Salem, Oregon (not to be confused with Salem, Massachussets). The article, by Jim D. Adams, canvases some of the reasons why we should accept the existence of Giants:

  • the possible genetic connection of ‘Giant skeletons’ such as Gigantopithecus and Meganthropus with homo sapiens;
  • the Australian discovery of what appears to be tools so big they could only be used by Giants; and
  • persistent rumours of Giants dwelling in remote places – just over the hill over there. 

These are the kind of reasons that have been put forward consistently during the past 2,500 years of recorded gigantology.

They are also reasons which, historically, have been highly effective in maintaining a popular belief in Giants. But, for a strongly Christian people such as the population of Salem, Oregon, the most convincing tactic is the article’s depiction of a “primitive” facing the Giant Gigantopithecus or Meganthropus, which unsubtly transforms a very familiar biblical scene:

David and Gigantopithecus?
David and Gigantopithecus?

Amusingly, the article even makes a general appeal to the Dead Sea Scrolls, probably based on the widespread yet false understanding that the Scrolls somehow “prove” the truth of the Bible’s contents:

Like the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, the modern science of archeology and anthropology is finding that ancient legends have a foundation in fact.