Sony purchased the film rights for Danielle Trussoni’s 2010 novel, Angelology within days of it being sold to the publishers. But a fan of the novel has already produced a “film trailer” for the film adaptation, spliced from Angels and Demons, Doubt, and Legion:

The counterintuitive premise of Angelology is that the Nephilim, descendants of angels and humans, have lived among us for centuries, quietly subverting good in the world.

Secretly battling the Nephilim are the angelologists, humans who try to thwart their evil deeds.

Mixing biblical interpretation, classic myths and out-of-this world imagination, Trussoni tells an epic tale that centers on Sister Evangeline, a young nun who’s unwittingly pulled into the battle against the Nephilim

– Carol Memmott, “‘Angelology’: A heaven-sent supernatural thrill ride”, USA Today, 12 March 2010

Danielle Trussoni is working on a sequel, to be called Angelopolis. Here’s Danielle talking about her discovery of the Nephilim in the Bible. (She says that Gen. 6 refers to the angels as “Watchers”, which in fact is their name in the parallel account in the Book of Watchers (1 Enoch 1-32). And she say that “Nephilim… literally means Giants” -whereas, the Hebrew term has been translated since the ancient Greek translations as “giants”, although it literally means (perhaps) “the fallen”. And it’s interesting that her idea of angels as friendly guardian angels, which certainly dominates popular literature today, made the fearsome “dark angels” appear exceptional – whereas the terrible nature of even good angels is the usual understanding from the longer-term viewpoint.) But, quibbles aside, here’s her explanation of how she got onto the idea: