Marc Cortez (Scientia et Sapientia) posted this picture yesterday, of a street urchin David facing a Steampunk Goliath (click on the picture for full size):

Roger Nobs - Steampunk Goliath
Roger Nobs - Steampunk Goliath

Gotthammer (Steampunk Scholar) has a few comments on the picture, including the manner it has adapted the biblical story’s motifs of oppression and technological advantage. The artist, Roger Nobs, describes the background to the scene:

The famous British Industrialist and inventor, Sir Gerald Oswald Liath… has had dark dreams of the filth and sqallor of the slums his factories have helped to create in the sprawling slums of London. His mind becomes fixed on bring the whole festering mess down and re-building the city as the gleaming Eden it should have been. Sinking into madness, he finally creates his greatest work, the giant Goliath, the first of an army of machines that will bring about the visions of his crazed mind.

The slaying of Giants is usually the work of the founding heroes of civilization. In a reversal here, therefore, the dark underbelly of civilization is itself exposed when David fells the Steampunk Goliath “with a small cobble from the mud of those same streets Sir Gerald loathed so much” and which his “civilizing” endeavours had created.