Goliath’s Skull Found in Holy Land!

Mark kindly emailed me a link to Ben Witherington III’s blog post of 27 January 2011: ‘Finally, Archaeological Proof– Goliath Got Stoned’.

In the post, Ben Witherington digs up the following ‘proof’ of Goliath’s existence, from the 25 May 1993 copy of The Weekly World News, a publication which claims to be  “The World’s Only Reliable Newspaper”:

Goliath's skull found in Holy Land!

Weekly World News, 25 May 1993

The Weekly World News, for those of you who haven’t encountered it, is famous for stories about Elvis sightings, aliens, human-bat hybrids, and various supernatural beings…not to mention the odd Giant. It seems the story was later picked up and published as though it were a genuine archaeological discovery in The Kingdom Times (Belfast; May 1994), a publication of the British Israelites. BW3 was having wee joke with us, you see.

Here is the story from inside the Weekly World News (but how did Goliath’s skull get back to the Valley of Elah from Jerusalem?):

Weekly World News, 25 May 1993

Weekly World News, 25 May 1993

I wonder about the identities of the unnamed  “top Bible scholars” who confirmed the story. Could it be that the Weekly World News article was, in fact, the first joint publication from Provan, Long and Longman?

h/t: Mark

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81 responses to “Goliath’s Skull Found in Holy Land!

  1. Doug

    Yup, just a routine dig going on, not expecting to find anything at all.

  2. reliable newspaper was an oxy moron … until now.

  3. Emma

    I’m convinced! I recant all my previous blasphemies in the face of such significant evidence.

  4. Brian

    This article was from 1993, was it just “discovered” now? Since we are now in 2011 there should be numerous scientific articles on this discovery. Anyone know where they are?

  5. Efren I. Nivera

    GOD has preserved this evidence to prove to the whole world that the BIBLE & HIS WORDS are true.

  6. andyman409

    Damn atheists! First they tamper with monkey bones, and now they steal Goliath’s skull! When will the conspiracy end!!!

  7. Daniel Almeida


    I guess some people are actually serious about this…

  8. the worst offender is the smithsonian who seem to shit can stuff into the ocean seriously they do it cover up and foist the junk science on us like we originated from monkeys and what else we evolved from slime i think they did but other didnt the odds are enormouse the best example how can you create a minature motor the size of a micron not possible but there is life micro bio forms that can rotate their tail at 100000 revultions per sec and then stop it and reverse it and there have been found in north america giant skeletal remains that so happen to disappear when the smithsonian is there and they say that it did not happen

  9. Merrilee

    The Lord has to have a great sense of humor to have created us.

  10. Anne White

    goliath’s skull looks authentic to me…Giants do exist; even to this very day; for example; there was supposedly a “Giant…a guy about 8 ‘ tall; at the service for the leader of north korea; Giants are “all over the world
    and they are not bad !

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  13. Mike S.

    Will the religeous fanatics stop exploiting the hillbillies intelligence PLEASE…. LOL

    There have been giant people throughout the world as well as in history and present day. People in excess of 7 feet tall due to a glandular disease and some too proportionate to be blamed on a hyperactive gland. Unfotunately there were many skeletans over 8 feet in length that were quietly destroyed by the Smithsonian as well as many other institutions fearing some would beleive they were proof of angelin or alien interbreeding in ancient times causing both sides to disagree and maliceously attack each other with great violence causing unknown amounts of chaos and death and carnage.

    However, present day we find many people misproportioned that are 7+ ft tall. There is one man currently living in Europe who is not disabled by his 8+ foot tall frame recognized as the world’s tallest man by the Guiness world record book.

  14. manoj antony raj

    lie lie lliiee llliiieee lllliiiieeee llllliiiiieeeee lllllliiiiiieeeee llllllliiiiiiieeeeeee lllllllliiiiiiiieeeeeeee llllllllliiiiiiiieeeeeeee lllllllllliiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeee………

    • kenneth bentley

      giants like og is rare . He wasn’t the last of them . Goliath’s skull is buried in the place of the skull where david took the head he cut off . Most of the real giants died in the flood or were kiled in massive battles . A lot of the earth resources were plundered and as a result deserts developed food shortsges occured. Cannibalism and slavery were rampant .

    • yah thise guys are wild with liese

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  16. Stan Luchebeleli

    This is amazing! The slighshot adds more credence to this discovery.

  17. _girlnextdoor

    ..God works in mysterious wayS.. No matter what theY say.. I believe all the details the Bible has presented…

  18. peoPle caN’t say its a lie.. or whatever.. until the end comes..

  19. The skull revealed here is the living authentic proof of the bible and its scriptures. Athiests can try and scoff at this….one day they will wake up..even now when the proof exists under their noses and blind eye.

  20. what other exists other than man to believe in his God

  21. An athists will one day awaken…but by then, it will be too late to save their ass

    • Justin

      A true Christian doesn’t think like that. U should hope they realize their wrong. Not look forward to them burning. I really don’t think this is real but I am a Christian. It doesn’t matter if we find archeological evidence, (even tho we have) it’s the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen that we know that he exists

  22. frank

    this is perfect and will help us believe in our religions. Thanks to discoveries.

  23. karthik.P

    pls find more about christianity and prove lord jesus is only god we have nu

    • marte lyndon gonzales

      Even if there will be no proof, you and I will not lose anything and continue our life on earth but haven’t you realize if this is the TRUTH then you will suffer loss, myself won’t be the same as you are so long as you open up your heart and seek the TRUTH behind all of this, surely you can have peace and salvation.

  24. Ian McKellen

    Bible History it is. But why just now they publicly informed the people when it was discovered way 1993 25 May?

  25. Matt

    Umm… the article, as well as comments above, have provided a few fun moments of entertainment. What no one seems to get is that the “Weekly World News” is more or less a gag paper that no one actually takes seriously… least of all the writers and publishers of the same.

  26. mary ann

    this proves that chirstianity is the true living religion

    • david was a torah observant hebrew. christianity s a lawless fraud. natsarims are those who keep the commandments and faith in messiah (acts 24:5) paul wasn’t christian

  27. It does not matter when it was found, and who tried to cover it up the Lord had a day and purpose to reveal the findings to prove to those that dont believe in this end time, God Bless the find and I pray we find more for those that dont believe!!!!

  28. jeshanth jabaraj

    one small doubt the david kill the goliyath and give the head to soul king so how they got head and body in same place……..

  29. Willem

    God is coming!!

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  31. angelin coolz

    You have found this goliath’s skull since 2011but I came to know about it today 25/7/2013 lol :-)

  32. Brilliant! Of course this is absolutely true because they found the skull in a box that said “Goliath. You know, the one from the Bible”….

  33. My first experience with the story of this skull was in 1995. Maybe for some reason forces opposed to the reality of the bible and God himself did make means to keep under wraps. Actually close to the same year was discovered a find that could only be likely Noah’s Ark which had been preserved by he fact that it was covered under snow.

    But then after all is said and done he existence of God and the truthfulness of the bible is a deeply spiritual matter and there is a level where it cannot be scientified.

    • Michael J. Salyers

      Hi there. The truth of the matter is that the people living around and on Mt. Ararat have known the ark has been there for 6 millenias and have used it as a tourist attraction to those who found themselves in the loop with the early catholic church. Yes there were giants in and around the area and one case of lore even says that Noah was carrying with him the remains of Adam and Eve which themselves according to factions of the hebrew religeons say were 9 and 12 feet in height. The most popular tradition of this says that Noah carried only the head of Adam on the ark but in lesser known ones he carried the bodies of both and reburried them at the top of Mt. Ararat. There is a article somewhat supporting that tradition from ann expedition to Mt. Ararat in the 1950’s funded by the National Geographic Society speaking of finding the bodies and neither having navals. Not sure it is true but kinda’ makes sense.

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  35. Pastor.Y.Robinbenhur


  36. Pastor.Y.Robinbenhur

    I Like this message

  37. yemisi

    Am happy to βε̲̣ a christian so peaceful am not serving a violent God..I believe I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the lord father almighty.

  38. Lee

    to the unbelievers of this story and aethists, you are goliath and satan is standing right behind you…this discovery is like a stone stuck on your forehead…..

  39. Spreading the gospel with the help of lies is causing more harm to the bible than Atheists are. I am a staunch believer in the Gospel & the truth in the Bible but with people using such fraudulent proofs and lies, evangelists are loosing what ever little credibility they have today. Please stop spreading these lies they cause a lot of harm to the Kingdom of the Lord.

  40. daniel

    amazing proof in bible story.but many story can not proof.so pls proofs detect and my support in all proofs

  41. Realme

    well for all I know what ever we read in the Bible is not as literal. as it looks. considering the story of creation chronologically proves that evolution is true. check the order of creation until the order of intelligent men who are the real image and likeness of God not the monkeys as the atheists put it. every other thing that happened after the Genesis is historically true.there is evidence all around us we just blinded by atheistic science. science in itself is not against religion but it seems the evil one is using science as a means of drawing people from God’s fold. I am a Christian though but I know both evolution and the creation story are true. the creation story summarises evolution.

  42. takaiwana chiname

    Evolution science is a lie, it demeans the ability of GOD AMIGHTY’s ability to create the universe in 6 short days. Creation & evolution dont mix

  43. Matt

    I pointed out above (geez… 2.5 years ago!) that this was a gag newspaper. It’s probably also worth pointing out that Ben Witherington III is not only a genuine scholar, but also the possessor of a rather twisted sense of humor. Does BW3 believe that the Scriptures are reliable? You bet. Does he believe that a Weekly World News article from 20+ years ago has something significant to say about the Bible, archeology, or Goliath’s head? Not so much.

    In the comments under his posting, BW3 did note that, “This picture gives me a goliath of a headache. I’m just sayin’.” Kind of puts this into perspective a bit. ;)

  44. Valentine Okachi

    This is an amazing discovery. It proves that the word of God as captured in the Bible is absolutely true and it cannot be destroyed.

  45. junior

    his time is near, people get hold of urselvs whethr the skull or not the story remains true for the bible says so” His God he does wat pleases Him and it fair

  46. MajorB

    @ Realme, There is no connection between the evolution story and creation because evolution was designed to deceive men. I don’t believe anything about evolution. Also, from the discovery of the ark to the discover of Goliath’s skull, what other prove do I need to know that GOD exists? I think Charles Darwin was a depraved man who would take a lot of people to hell with him. GOD is alive – be informed!

  47. nice and i feel satisfied as a christian

    • the HOLLY BIBLE reflects that,,David killed Goliath and then cut his head and took it with him to Jerusalem;1Samuel chapter 17vs54… so you as a christian… what makes you feel satisfied with lies SIR….

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  49. This is amazing! Once again the gospel message confirmed.
     This indeed is another opportunity for the doubting Thomas to Consider Jesus as Lord and Saviour, for the whole Bible is true. 
    Believe now in the Lord Jesus, you and your household and you shall be saved,

  50. gattrov

    for the love of god…..please….its humorous as well as super irritating …..y can’t u people see that the whole article is a gag….its not Davids nor goliaths nor yours or mine, in fact its just a drawing….there might have been giants over 10 feet tall and or their remains in the past, but what we’re talking about here is pure fictional but u guys r takin it like way too seriously…….I feel sorry for matt for having to explain this every 2 and a half years ;-)

  51. Abdulrahman Shehu

    You say the bible I say the Quran but we all believe in what we believe so I don’t judge. But at least we finally show those atheist that there really is a divine entity.

  52. Richard Nathen

    But in bible its written that David cut his head after defeating him?
    then how come his head nand his body is together…

  53. Richard Nathen

    But in bible its written that David cut his head after defeating him?
    then how come his head nand his body is together…

  54. FELLOW CHRISTIANS..Stop believing in those funny things 1SAMUEL 17VS50 David prevailed over the Philistine with a sling and with a stone, and smote the Philistine, and slew him; but there was no sword in the hands of David. vs54 David took the head of the Philistine AND brought it to JERUSALEM. BUT HE PUT HIS ARMOUR IN HIS TENT……

  55. Yesss to the Holly Bible. May the Lord forgive and help us too.

  56. Aaron

    ‘Dr. Martin found the skull during an archaeological
    survey 20 miles south-west of Jerusalem on 23rd
    March, 1993. He and his assistants instantly realized
    that the find was important; but it was only when they
    had performed tests which showed the skull to be
    between 2,900 and 3,000 years old that they began to
    think they had found the remains of Goliath.
    ‘The Bible places the battle between David and Goliath
    around 990 B.C., or 1,000 years before the birth of
    Yahshua,’ Dr. Martin said.
    ‘According to the Bible the battle began as a band of
    Israelites were preparing to fight a band of Philistines
    in the Valley of Elah.
    ‘At that point in history it was common for enemies to
    avoid massive casualties by allowing one man fron
    each side to fight for their respective armies. To quote
    the Bible, Goliath, challenged the Israelites to ‘choose
    a man and let him come to me. If he be able to fight
    with me and kill me, then we will be your servants. But
    if I…kill him, then you will serve us.’
    ‘David answered the challenge and killed Goliath with a
    single stone thrown from a leather sling. When Goliath
    hit the ground, David chopped off his head with
    Goliath’s own sword.
    ‘As I said before, the skull that we found had a rock
    stuck in the forehead. There was also evidence to
    suggest that the head had been SEVERED from the
    body by a sharp object, most likely a sword.

  57. Thabiso

    Slowly but surely people will confess that Jesus is LORD.

  58. Danmilaw

    The Head of Goliath according to the bible was taken to King Saul by David the heards boy. Now that alone makes this all story and photos fake. 1 Samuel 17:52 “David ran and stood over him. He took hold of the Philistine’s sword and drew it from the sheath. After he killed him, he cut off his head with the sword. When the Philistines saw that their hero was dead, they turned and ran.” 1 Samuel 17: 54 ” David took the Philistine’s head and brought it to Jerusalem; he put the Philistine’s weapons in his own tent.”

  59. Danmilaw

    The Head of Goliath according to the bible was taken to King Saul by David the herds boy. 1 Samuel 17:52 “David ran and stood over him. He took hold of the Philistine’s sword and drew it from the sheath. After he killed him, he cut off his head with the sword. When the Philistines saw that their hero was dead, they turned and ran.” 1 Samuel 17: 54 ” David took the Philistine’s head and brought it to Jerusalem; he put the Philistine’s weapons in his own tent.”

  60. @ Aaron,, sorry my man but you need to look for a job,, that job you doing does not pay at all, that is the reason why you endup giving a story from your hd, its not good for your spiritual health do some better digging dont turn the bible your way ,,,, we have given you enough references from the bible,,, you then give us your reference from the bible,, coz you guy how did you know the story of this giant Goliath ? if you know him from your own sousese, its fine ew dont need ref, but if you know him through the bible then give us some ref that says David to back the head of the giant to bury it with the body,

  61. jesus kalonji

    whether there be proof or no proof you can only believe what has not
    been revealed to your senses…
    and i believe to the point that i now know jesus christ is true God who laid down his life for what matters to him…YOU and ME

  62. tups

    the discovery is there for us to know that the bible is true and we will have no excuse to say to God that we were not told about the truth. more discoveries are coming…you and i have to make a choice

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